Nerd Rage


Nerd RageĀ is a 2D defense game in which the player repels waves of raging nerds.

A famous developer just announced the postponement of a highly anticipated game at a gaming convention. This infuriated hordes of nerds to the point of storming the developer’s booth. You play as Marla, a bodyguard. She is armed with a beanbag gun and must protect the convention from the waves of raging nerds.



What Went Well

  • I learned some useful programming techniques regarding gameplay.
  • I acquired experience completing a game in a multidisciplinary team.
  • The humor/art in the game went over well with testers.

What Went Wrong

  • The game engine used Torque X 2D which caused major issues particularly concerning asset management.
  • We had team issues.
  • We had some major GUI bugs that should have been caught earlier.

What I Learned

  • Never postpone fixing issues – this increases the risk of them getting overlooked.
  • It’s critical to have a very strong vertical slice.
  • It’s important to team build early and often.

Project Contribution

  • Implemented player character, enemies and gameplay mechanics.
  • Created an enemy generation tool for level designer and iterated on it based on use feedback.
  • Provided programming support for animation, sound, menus and HUD.
  • Created and maintained technical design document.
  • Fixed bugs and provided technical support.