Escape The Claw

Unreal Development Kit
Escape The Claw is a UDK multiplayer Capture The Flag total conversion.The game takes place within a large Claw machine where players assume the role of toys battling each other.

The goal is to get into the enemy base, steal their key and drop it into the toy chute. The fastest way to get to the chute is via the large claw hovering above. Players can hop into the claw and use it to assist teammates or hurt enemies.



What Went Well

  • I succeeded in implementing the risky wish-list technical components.
  • I managed my time well with other course work.
  • Succeeded in leading & supporting the programming team to finish all technical goals.

What Went Wrong

  • Certain components were underestimated in the schedule and required time outside core hours to complete – aka over-scoped.
  • For a week after the alpha milestone, I failed to make sure there was a daily build being tested.
  • Overall I spent more time adding features than polishing the existing.

What I Learned

  • Quality beats quantity. While it’s fun to implement tough technical features – this doesn’t translate into a good game.
  • Learned to be better at estimating the schedule – always allow for extra time for iteration, polish, bug-fixing, and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Learned a ton on programming in UDK and the UE3 engine in general.

Project Contribution

  • Lead Programmer – supervised and supported programming team.
  • Coordinated with the game designer and project producers.
  • Implemented a user controlled claw that can grab other players in multiplayer games.
  • Created and maintained technical design document.
  • Implemented character skins, claw animation and assisted with HUD integration.
  • Fixed bugs and provided technical support.