Professional Experience

Software Engineer at Oculus

Publicly Held; 5001-10,000 employees; Consumer Electronics

Working on really cool stuff.

Associate Programmer at Crytek USA

Privately Held; 501-1000 employees; Computer Games industry
JANUARY 2014 – JULY 2014 Austin TX

Worked on HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age.

    • Contributed to the options menu, the character customization menu, the hit indicator system, the friend list, the global inventory, the resource management system, and the matchmaking lobby system.
    • Worked within the following areas: User Interfaces, Online Services, Resource Management, Animation, and Multiplayer Gameplay.

Programmer Intern for Gearbox Software

Privately Held; 201-500 employees; Computer Games industry
JUNE 2013 – AUGUST 2013 Plano TX

Spent a fantastic summer working as a Programmer Intern with the incredible folks at Gearbox Software.

    • Collaborated with design team on a project developing code in the following areas: editor, game, replication, state driven agent and animation.
    • Worked with core technology division, developing code for a set of tools to extract patch information from source files and query a SQL database in addition to bug fixing.

Student Team Game Experience

Programmer for Demon Wagon Studios

NOVEMBER 2012 – MAY 2013 Plano, TX

Helped develop Kraven Manor [STEAM GREENLIT], a first-person survival-horror game with a team of thirteen. We used the December 2012 build of the Unreal Development Kit.

    • Helped integrate Steamworks.
    • Collaborated with designers to specify game-play systems.
    • Implemented Artificial Intelligence systems.
    • Implemented enemy animation system.
    • Implemented core shifting room mechanic.
    • Implemented interactive objects and possessed objects systems.

Lead Programmer for Team Thor

JULY 2012 – OCTOBER 2012 Plano, TX

Developed Escape From The Claw – a FPS multiplayer CTF total conversion with a team of six. We used the May 2012 build of the Unreal Development Kit.

    • Supervised and supported programming team and coordinated with the game designer and project producers.
    • Implemented a user controlled claw that can grab other players in multiplayer games.
    • Created and maintained technical design document.
    • Implemented character skins, claw animation and assisted with HUD integration.
    • Fixed bugs and provided technical support.

Programmer for Team Manus

MARCH 2012 – MAY 2012 Plano, TX

Developed Nerd Rage – a 2D defense shooter with a team of four. We used the Torque X 2D engine.

    • Implemented player character, enemies and gameplay mechanics.
    • Created an enemy generation tool for level designer and iterated on it based on use feedback.
    • Provided programming support for animation, sound, menus and HUD.
    • Created and maintained technical design document.
    • Fixed bugs and provided technical support.

Programmer for Student Programming Team

JUNE 2012 – JULY 2012 Plano, TX

Developed Dragon Wreck – A 2D wrecking ball game implemented entirely in C++ on Android Native Development Kit with one other programmer.

    • Implemented core game engine with OpenGL ES 2.0 renderer.
    • Conformed the application to Android app guides.
    • Implemented GUI for touch interface.
    • Implemented Open AL sound system.
    • Fixed bugs.

Programmer for Student Programming Team

JANUARY 2012 – FEBRUARY 2012 Plano, TX

Developed Dragon Attack – A 2D continuous flying side-scroller implemented entirely in C++ with two other programmers.

    • Implemented core components including Vector2, AABB2, Disk2 and collision detection.
    • Implemented Sprite and Animation components and Player character class.
    • Created a tool to load levels defined in XML data.
    • Fixed bugs.

Technology Projects

WELD – Thesis game project featuring a parallel genetic algorithm used for AI

    • Thesis examines the benefits of machine learning in game development by implementing an AI that uses a parallel genetic algorithm for unit selection in a strategy game featuring customizable robots.
    • Implemented a fast 2D engine from scratch featuring optimized core components enabling multiple games simulated per second in parallel.

Tank Game Tech Demo featuring Terrain and Concurrent Renderer

    • Used my skeletal animation tools along with a classmate’s art asset to implement a fully controllable tank.
    • Implemented height map based terrain and a ray cast vehicle model to drive the tank on the terrain surface.
    • Implemented concurrent OpenGL renderer

Multiplayer Space Shooter & UDP Layer

    • Developed game network layer on top of UDP and ten player space shooter game  to test.
    • Network layer features authentication, optional reliable and in-order delivery of packets and throttling.
    • Game features client side simulation and prediction using dead reckoning.

Character Animation System

    • Implemented and integrated character animation system using GLSL shader skinning into my 3D engine.
    • Playable character can walk around, jump, strafe, aim/fire weapon with an over the shoulder camera.
    • Character is exported as mesh/animation only from 3DSMax into a custom binary file.